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Posted: Feb 04, 2011

This opportunity is no longer available.

U.S. Securities and Exchange

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Background: The mission of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.

It is the responsibility of the Commission to:

  • interpret federal securities laws;
  • issue new rules and amend existing rules;
  • oversee the inspection of securities firms, brokers, investment advisers, and ratings agencies;
  • oversee private regulatory organizations in the securities, accounting, and auditing fields; and
  • coordinate U.S. securities regulation with federal, state, and foreign authorities.

The agency's functional responsibilities are organized into the Office of the Chief Operating Officer (COO), and five Divisions and 16 Offices, each of which is headquartered in Washington, DC. The Commission's approximately 3,500 staff is located in Washington and in 11 Regional Offices throughout the country.

The Chief Operating Officer oversees the operations of the SEC’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), the finance and accounting functions of the SEC’s Office of Financial Management (OFM), including financial reporting internal controls, and the SEC’s Office of FOIA, Privacy and Records Management.

The COO’s Office is excited to offer three unpaid training opportunities to graduate students in the Washington, D.C. area. These opportunities provide work experience related to students’ academic programs and allows them to explore career options as well as develop personal and professional skills. As a student volunteer in the COO’s Office, you will be exposed to the Federal, SEC and COO’s work environment.

Key Requirements:

  • These positions are open to U.S. citizens.
  • The individuals selected may be subject to a background security investigation.
  • Candidates should submit resumes and will be interviewed either on-site or by phone.
  • Volunteer Intern Descriptions:

Risk Management Intern

Role Description: The Risk Management Intern will provide support in the implementation of the Operational Risk Management (ORM) program at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The Operational Risk Management program includes in its purview all risks affecting the Commission operations, including, risks to financial statements, compliance with laws and regulations, and other project related risks.

The intern will assist the Senior Risk Management Associate and will be instrumental in aggregating and analyzing operational risk data into a structured format for management review. He/she will contribute to writing risk management policies, procedures and standards for an effective operational risk management program at the SEC.

Responsibilities include, working with contractors on existing risk assessment effort and SEC management team in monitoring operational effectiveness of existing risk and controls. The Risk Management Intern will provide support to the ORM Project leadership team and assist with workshops and authoring deliverables, such as key risk indicators, performance indicators best practices and standards and special studies related to operational risk management.

Desired Capabilities/Core Skills:

  • Ability to understand the business processes from end-to-end, using tools such as process mapping, to identify key risk, key risk indicators (KRIs) and controls.
  • Ability to perform quality control reviews of business process deliverables and management reports submitted to the SEC.
  • Ability to plan and facilitate presentations and workshops sessions on process analysis, risk identification, assessment, control and mitigation.
  • Ability to confer with business unit management and staff by scoping business problems, analyzing processes, and risk exposure and sharing lessons learned.
  • Identify problem drivers and reinforce operational procedures with appropriate internal control.


  • Liaise with key internal staff on business operational risk matters.
  • Review and maintain operational process maps and identify key controls.
  • Assist with the reporting and awareness of key business procedures.
  • Coordinate enterprise/division projects and initiatives.

Other Qualifications:
Mandatory: BS/BA in business, economics, finance, information system, or actuarial sciences or related field
Preferred: MBA, CPA, PMP

For additional information, please email inquiries to recruit@sec.gov.


This opportunity is no longer available.